Research and Publications Committee

Mark Eddy, Case Western Reserve

The ALAO Research and Publications Committee celebrated our 2013 RPC Research Grant Program at the 2013 Annual Conference luncheon. Our single award of $944.50 went to a cohort of three Ohio University researchers in support of a project entitled, Informed Instruction: A Needs Assessment Model for Library Workshop Implementation. Certificates were awarded at our luncheon to each co-researcher,

Hilary C. Bussell
eLearning Librarian / Subject Librarian for Political Science & Public Administration
Ohio University

Christopher S. Guder
Reference & Instruction Librarian
Ohio University

Jessica Hagman
Reference & Instruction Librarian
Ohio University

The committee would like to thank the ALAO Executive Board for their continuing support of our program. Special thanks also from the committee to Alisa Mizikar for designing and providing us with award certificates and RPC conference flyers. THANK YOU!!!!

The committee recently announced our 2014 Research Grant program, and will begin reviewing applications after December 17th. Additional program announcements will go out very soon, and here also is further information on the 2014 program –

The RPC also provided a discussion panel session event at the 2013 Annual Conference entitled, Got IRB?: What to Know When Planning Human Subject Research Projects. The program was well attended, and we received high marks in our session evaluations. All evaluators marked the session as “Excellent” or “Outstanding” for presentation quality, with many comments indicating that our audience learned a great deal about the IRB process, and that they very much appreciated our session. The committee would like to take this opportunity to thank very sincerely our panelists for a truly wonderful session, and the time each of them took to help us plan, travel to, and execute this session. It was a great group, and I think we all had a really good time!

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