Special Collections and Archives Interest Group

Stefanie Hunker, Bowling Green State University

The SCAIG had a productive annual conference! We had a visited table, an outstanding impromptu brainstorming session (about the next year’s activities, our online presence, and a little bit of focus group-ishness) with some of our members/interested parties who happened to stop by our table and stayed to talk. We also had a possible joint spring workshop idea(s) discussion with TEDSIG Co-Chairs, Sharon and Aimee.

In addition, we sponsored a very interesting session, Outreach and Engagement for Special Collections through a Gallery Exhibit by Melanie McGurr and Mary-Allen Johnson from OSU, which was a nice follow-up to this year’s spring workshop.

We also noted that there were several presentations/roundtables on special collections/archives topics at conference this year. We are very happy about that!

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