Distance Learning Interest Group

Rob Snyder, Bowling Green State University

Do you know a “Distance Learning Visionary”?
The Academic Library Association of Ohio (ALAO) recognizes the need to encourage and spotlight pioneering individuals, particularly those who offer their colleagues new and innovative practices that can be adapted and implemented in their home institutions. As such, ALAO’s Distance Learning Interest Group (DLIG) is excited to announce that nominations are now being accepted for the 2014 “Distance Learning Visionary.” Benefits of winning include:

  • Honor of being named the 2014 Distance Learning Visionary.
  • Recognition at the 2014 ALAO Annual Conference Luncheon, as well as on the ALAO Website, ALAO Newsletter, & the DLIG Blog.
  • Award of $150.00 presentation grant for sharing distance learning strategies, applications, or research with attendees of the 2014 DLIG Spring Workshop. Please note that the funds are contingent upon the grantee presenting in person, remotely, or via pre-recorded session.

Nomination applications should include a 250-500 word essay that demonstrates the nominee’s contributions to e-learning, as well as a short presentation proposal that suggests what the nominee might share with colleagues striving to succeed in the technology-driven environment of online learning. Links to relevant supporting materials are encouraged; self and group nominations are permitted.

For complete details and submission guidelines, please see the DLIG blog at http://distancelibrarians.wordpress.com/dlig-visionary/ or email the DLIG Co-Chairs at ohiodlig@gmail.com.
Applications are due by December 20th, 2013.

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