Curriculum Materials Centers Interest Group

Cheryl Ghosh, University of Cincinnati
Sharon Kerestes, Cedarville University

The CMCIG’s sponsored session at October’s ALAO Annual Conference, Crash Course on the Future of College and Career Readiness: Ohio’s P20 Initiative and the New Common Core, was well-attended. Presenters Paula Nespeca Deal, eLearning Specialist at INFOhio, and Anne Marie Smeraldi, First Year Experience Librarian at Cleveland State University, did an excellent job providing an overview of Ohio’s College and Career Readiness initiative and the Common Core standards. They also shared practical ideas for utilizing INFOhio and other resources to enhance information literacy skills instruction. Ms. Smeraldi shared her method for assessing freshmen information literacy skills and the strategies she has employed to connect with these students and improve research skill levels.
Save the date, the CMCIG Spring Workshop will be on Friday, April 4, 2014, at the OSU Newark Campus! A theme and sessions titles are beginning to take shape, one presentation will be about the new Ohio Educator Assessment (OEA) process and how it affects the work of CMC librarians. Another session will be about how Curriculum Materials Centers are connecting to students via social media. Come, meet, and learn from other Curriculum Materials Center librarians from around the state.

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