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Interest Group News

Curriculum Materials Center Interest Group News The CMC Interest Group is excited to introduce a new listserv for members of the interest group through BGSU. If you are interested in joining it, please fill out this form: or contact Colleen … Continue reading

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Diversity Committee Spring Workshop Report

Actively Inclusive: Libraries Speak Up! The ALAO Diversity Committee held its spring workshop “Actively Inclusive: Libraries Speak Up!” on Thursday, May 10th at the State Library of Ohio. Attendance included 36 registrants from academic and public libraries in Ohio as … Continue reading

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Interest Groups News

Assessment Interest Group Spring Workshop: May 19 AIG’s spring workshop “Using Assessment to Reshape and Rethinking Service Models” will be held at the Miami University Voice of America Center on Friday, May 19.  Registration is now open at: https://www.alaoweb.org/event-2454882 The … Continue reading

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Fall 2016 Diversity Workshop

The Diversity Committee held their day-long workshop, “Outreach: Building Collaborations that Support Campus Diversity,” on Thursday, October 6 at the State Library of Ohio. Thirty librarians from across Ohio, Tennessee, and Kentucky, representing a variety of libraries and exchanged ideas … Continue reading

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Spring IG Workshop Recaps

Assessment and Instruction IG Spring Workshop Recap The Assessment and Instruction Interest Groups collaborated this spring to offer the workshop, “The Evolution of Information Literacy: From Framework to Assessment.” The keynote speaker at the sold-out workshop, Craig Gibson of The … Continue reading

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Assessment Interest Group

Mandy Shannon, Wright State University Sarah Murphy, The Ohio State University; AIG Co-Chairs The Assessment Interest Group (AIG) spring workshop, Communicating Library Value through Assessment, will be held Thursday, April 16 from 10 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. at the State … Continue reading

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Collection Management Interest Group

Kathleen Baril, Ohio Northern University Jessica Grim, Oberlin College; CMIG Co-Chairs Greetings!  Hopefully by the time you read this update, the snow will have melted and the temperatures will have returned to more agreeable levels.  CMIG is busy finalizing the … Continue reading

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Curriculum Materials Center Interest Group

Deidra Herring, Ohio State University (Main Campus) Sharon Kerestes, Cedarville University; Co-Chairs “There’s a lot to Celebrate!” Once again, we’d like to welcome our new members and spread the news about upcoming events around the region! Save the date for … Continue reading

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Special Collections and Archives Interest Group

Kate Medicus, Kent State University Stefanie Hunker, Bowling Green State University; SCAIG Co-Chairs Save the date! The SCAIG Spring workshop will be held on Wednesday, June 3 Special but not Specialized: Special Collections & Archives Do It All SCAIG has … Continue reading

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Support Staff Interest Group

Save the Date!  The SSIG will hold its spring workshop on May 20, 2014.  Details follow: Wed May 20, 2015 10am – 3:30pm Ohio University Lancaster Branch, 1570 Granville Pike, Lancaster, OH 43130 More info: Myra Justus, myra.justus@cincinnatistate.edu 513-569-4690 Sean Redefer, redefers@ohio.edu, 740-593-0320″

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