Vice President/President Elect Report

Jerry Natal, Vice President/President Elect

Another season is winding down, another semester ending. Traditionally, it is a time of the year for reflection and giving thanks, as well as planning for the coming year. I personally have much for which to be grateful—much of the work I have done over the past several months has resulted in rewards both tangible and intangible. The coming year is sure to present me with many new challenges, and while it is not always possible to anticipate what lies ahead, there is comfort in knowing that there are resources available to help me navigate through the trials and tribulations that may surface. Among these resources are the members of the ALAO board and the next committed group of conference planners as we revert back to an in-person conference. Speaking of the board and conference planning committee, I’d like to publicly thank the 2021 conference planning committee for their time, commitment, and expertise in organizing a successful annual conference, with a special heartfelt thank you to Jessica McIntosh for her service and leadership leading up to the conference. As you likely now know, Jessica has resigned her position as President of ALAO due to a conflict of interest with a new job opportunity; I am happy for her and wish her well in her new position with Cengage.

According to ALAO’s bylaws and procedures, as a consequence of the presidential resignation, I will be acting as interim president of ALAO, pending approval of the ALAO Board to assume the duties officially. Past President Mandi Goodsett has graciously offered to support me in my endeavors as I prematurely take the reins of the organization (I would like to think this is more of a co-interim situation), and I find re-assurance in the collective wisdom of the ALAO board. Onward and upward!

Program Committee Report

Being interim president of the organization does not preclude chairing the 2022 annual conference planning committee, and so I give you a brief update on the CPC. An intrepid group is now assembled, comprised of veterans and new faces, which will be meeting in December to begin initial planning. They are:

Don Appleby, University of Akron

Cara Calabrese, Miami University

Paul Campbell, Ohio University

Kristin Cole, Otterbein University

Melissa Cox Norris, University of Cincinnati

Mark Eddy, Case Western Reserve

Kathy Fisher, Ursuline College

Ken Irwin, Miami University

Sara Klink, Stark State College

Katie Maxfield, Wittenberg University

Rob O’Brien Withers, Miami University

Peggy Rector, Denison University

Allen Reichert, Otterbein University

Seth Sisler, Ohio University

Ann Marie Smeraldi, Cleveland State University

Katy Tucker, Xavier University

We have a solid group for now, but I anticipate more volunteers may be needed as the conference date approaches. If anyone is willing to be “on call,” please send me an email.

I have been contemplating ideas for a theme and keynote speaker(s), and hope to have a theme selected at the next CPC meeting; however, I am more than happy to entertain ideas from the membership! A call for proposals will be issued once the theme has been decided.

Before I sign out, there are a few things I’d like to mention. Mandi Goodsett will be directing the efforts of a task force to coordinate interest groups with ALAO’s DEI strategy. Mandi is also leading the effort to develop a Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion statement for the organization. Many thanks to Mandi and everyone else involved in this important work.

I’d also like to take this opportunity on behalf of ALAO to thank the SWON library consortium for their years of acting as our organization’s fiscal agent—you were there when we needed you! I would also like to welcome OhioNET, with whom we have had a long relationship, as our new fiscal agent. While I am on about OhioNET, I would like to wish OhioNET’s former deputy director Christine Morris well at her new position as digital resources manager for OPLIN. Christine was a long-time member of ALAO and great supporter of the organization. Finally, I’d like to remind everyone to consider taking advantage of the great opportunities offered to ALAO members, such as the Continuing Education Grant and the Research Grant.

As we head into the remainder of the season and into the new year, I would like to reaffirm my commitment to the organization, and wish you all the best of holidays.

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