Annual Conference Update

Mandi Goodsett

Mandi Goodsett, Vice President/President Elect

Clearly much has changed since the last annual conference update! The conference planning committee (CPC) has made the difficult decision to move the annual conference to a completely online format. Even though the conference has been moved online, we are still very eager for ALAO members to participate by submitting proposals! The proposal form is open and submissions are due June 26th.

Submit your proposal here.

There will now be two different kinds of proposals that can be submitted: presentations (which will consist of an asynchronous recorded video with a live Q&A session during the conference) or posters (which can be any static or multimedia format with asynchronous commenting and questioning by attendees).

Registration for the online conference will open in the next several weeks, so stay tuned! The cost will be no more than $50 per person, with an exact cost to be determined. In addition to engaging sessions and posters presented by your colleagues, registrants will have access to the presentations of our two keynote speakers, Rebekkah Smith Aldrich and Nancy Kirkpatrick.

We look forward to seeing you at our online event this fall!

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