Leadership Retreat Report

On July 10–11, the ALAO board met for the annual leadership retreat at Deer Creek Lodge and State Park. The retreat was a productive meeting where board members handed off roles through training and mentoring. Our two days together provided board members time to get to know one another and think strategically about our upcoming year.

During my first day of president, I led a brainstorming session called “Divy the Dollar.” In case you were wondering, the ALAO currency in this activity honorably featured Treasurer Don Appleby.alaodivy-the-dollar

“Divy the Dollar” challenged board members to consider initiatives they would be interested in organizing with ALAO financial support. The ALAO Strategic Plan and the ACRL Plan for Excellence provided the framework. Your elected board members were creative and savvy, discussing, budgeting and researching timely initiatives that will benefit the membership. Board members narrowed their list to their top five, each of which will become a special project proposal. Stay tuned to the newsletter or email event announcements, as these proposals will be presented throughout this year and next.

Thank you to those who served on the ALAO Board and cycled off at July’s retreat. We appreciate your years of service toward our membership.

-Katy Kelly, President, University of Dayton

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