Kathryn Venditti Mentoring Award: Call for Nominations

O15513 Kristy McDonald

Krista McDonald, Past President

The Kathryn Venditti Mentoring Award recognizes an individual who has:

  1. demonstrated excellence as a mentor to a librarian, library worker, or library science student
  2. a sustained record of effective mentorship, as demonstrated by activities that may include but not be limited to advising, developing, coaching, sponsoring, advocating, guiding, and/or supporting librarians, library workers, or library students

Additional information about the Kathryn Venditti Mentoring Award is available at https://www.alaoweb.org/procmanual/policies.html#kathryn.

Please submit nominations for the Kathryn Venditti Mentoring Award through the Kathryn Venditti Mentoring Award online nomination form.

NOTE: You may nominate more than one person for the Jay Ladd or Kathryn Venditti Awards! Your reasons for nominating your candidate(s) for will be especially valuable to the Awards Committee so please be as detailed as possible.

Please submit your nominations by FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 29, 2017.

Questions? Please contact Krista McDonald, ALAO Past President (mcdonak@miamioh.edu). Thank you!

-Krista McDonald, Past President, Miami University-Hamilton

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