ALAO Elections Now Open

What do Brian Gray, Diane Kolosionek, Derek Malone, Katy Mathuews, Missy Creed, Sheryl Gannon, Moriana Garcia, Heidi Gauder, Kevin Grace, Cheryl Lubow, Ann Marie Smeraldi, and Carissa Thatcher all have in common? They are all candidates in the ALAO 2014 election! ZXShow them your support with a VOTE! Candidate statements are available here:

How do I vote?
All current ALAO members are eligible to vote. Elections are held online using our event registration system. Please use your preferred ALAO email address to begin the voting process.

Not a member but want to vote? Renew or join ALAO today.

Voting is open until April 15th at 5:00 p.m. Paper ballots are available by request.

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