Distance Learning Interest Group

Christina Bonner, Ohio Dominican

DLIG was pleased to sponsor at the ALAO Conference this year the session entitled “Town and Gown: Collaborations between a Public Library and an Academic Library,” by Krista McDonald (Miami University-Hamilton) and Carol Bowling (Lane Public Library).

DLIG is also sponsoring its annual spring workshop in 2011. The workshop, INOV8: Revitalizing Distance Learning, will be offered May 13, 2011 at the Ohio Dominican University in Columbus, Ohio. The workshop will focus on ways to revitalize approaches to distance learning by looking at where we are, where we are going, and where we would like to be. Proposals are currently being accepted, and the DLIG Planning Committee will continue to make arrangements for the workshop.

On ALAO’s new web site, Kathleen Pickens-French, DLIG Co-Chair, has added the DLIG web page with information about both of these events.

In addition to sponsoring a conference session and workshop this year, DLIG is also considering initiating a Distance Learning Interest Group Vision Award. A draft proposal for the award has been written and will be submitted to the Board for consideration at the November 2010 meeting.

Lastly, the DLIG Planning Committee now numbers four and currently consists of Christina Bonner, Kathleen Pickens-French, Megan Frazer, and Jessica H. Long.

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