President's Report (March 2010)

Rob Withers, Miami University

Spring is here! And along with the warmer weather, there are other signs of Spring at ALAO, including the annual Interest Group workshops and the call for Annual Conference proposals.

Just because we’re seeing some traditional activities doesn’t mean that things are remaining the same. Over the years, many have wished that it were possible to register for ALAO events with credit cards. The ALAO Board has taken the recent change in fiscal agent as an opportunity to revisit this issue. A task force under the leadership of ALAO Treasurer Gaynelle Predmore, and including Deberah England, Angel Gondek, Brian Gray is currently examining this issue, and will be presenting a recommendation to the ALAO Board this Spring—and we hope to soon be able to announce the option of accepting payment by credit card.

We’re excited to finally be moving forward in this direction, and I’m sure there will be more exciting changes as Rocki Strader begins her term as President in July.

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