Member Spotlight

Let’s shine the Member Spotlight on Yiming Guo from Denison University!

What is/are your role(s) in academic libraries?

I am the Sciences Liaison Librarian at the Denison University Libraries. I work with the departments of Biology, Chemistry & Biochemistry, Computer Science, Data Analytics, Earth & Environmental Science, Mathematics, Physics & Astronomy, and Psychology. I am also the Government Documents Coordinator at the Denison University Libraries. I oversee the Library’s government documents collection, and act as depository contact person for the Library with GPO and FDLP.

What do you like most about academic library work?

My favorite part of the job is consulting with students and faculty in analyzing, identifying, and fulfilling their information needs. I feel a real pleasure when I help someone. I also enjoy working with the experienced, thoughtful, and supportive colleagues in the Denison Libraries.

What are some interesting projects you’ve been involved with lately?

I recently participated in the FDLP Coordinator Certificate Program. I successfully completed this 8-week (16 hours) training program and got the certificate. I also joined the Denison Forward divisional team, which is Denison University’s committee for Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, & Antiracism (IDEA). I hope I can do some work to promote IDEA in Denison University.

Tell us a fun fact about yourself.

I like travelling, hiking, and fishing. The most exciting experience for me is fishing at the Bay of Fundy (between New Brunswick and Nova Scotia in Canada) at night.

What do you love about being an ALAO member?

I love attending the ALAO Annual Conferences and other professional development opportunities such as webinars and workshops.

–Laura Birkenhauer, Membership Chair, Miami University

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