Membership Report

The current membership of ALAO includes a total of 290 members consisting of 259 regular members, 4 retiree members, and 27 student members. We are excited to welcome new members who joined between June 1, 2022 and September 2, 2022.

Arpi Anderson, Xavier University

Jennifer Casteen, Columbus State Community College

Hydy Cates, Columbus State Community College

Jacy Cina, Student

Sarah Dennis , Ohio University

Sarah Fouts, Columbus State Community College

Aaron Greene, Lakeland Community College

Brittney Harmon, Student 

Clayton Hayes, Kenyon College

Emily  Henderson, Student

Wendy Knapp, State Library of Ohio

Nick Kneer, Miami University

Amy McCoy Glover, Columbus State Community College

Sevim McCutcheon, Kent State University Libraries

Brea McQueen, Miami University Regionals

Sonjia Muladore, Southern State Community College

Holly Pegan, Southern State Community College

Sharon Richter, Columbus State Community College Library

Morgan Rupp, Cedarville University Library

Sarah Sanchez, Student

Joseph Saultz, Student       

Mira Scarnecchia, Columbus State Community College

Hannah Smith, Cedarville University Library

Emily Wages , University of Cincinnati Clermont College Library

Lynn Warner, University of Cincinnati

Emily Warren          

Paul Weaver, Owens Community College

Michael Wells, Wilmington College

Tiffany Whitman, Student

–Laura Birkenhauer, Membership Chair, Miami University

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