ALAO Election Results

Mandi Goodsett, Past President

I am happy to announce the candidates who will be joining the Executive Board for the 2022-2023 year. Please join me in congratulating:

  • Vice President/President Elect:  Mark Eddy
  • Secretary: Jill J. Crane
  • Membership Chair: Laura Birkenhauer
  • Board Members-at-Large: Melissa Hill, Cara Calabrese, Kristine Kinzer
  • Change to Bylaws Articles IV and V: Approved

Many thanks to all candidates who stepped up to run during such a challenging time.

Also kudos to the following members for their support during this election cycle:

  • Kathleen Baril, Nominating Committee
  • Maureen Barry, Nominating Committee
  • Heidi Gauder, Nominating Committee
  • Edith Scarletto, Nominating Committee
  • Gwen Short, Nominating Committee
  • Jason Wardell, Web Manager

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