ACRL Chapters Council Report

The ACRL Chapters Council met on January 12, 2022. Emily Knox, Associate Professor at the iSchool@Illinois gave a presentation on “Intellectual Freedom and Social Justice: Core Values of Librarianship.”  Brief messages were shared by the candidates for ACRL Vice President/President-Elect, Dr. Beth McNeil and Dr. José Aguiñaga. Additional reminders and updates included:

  • Registration for the ALA Annual Conference in Washington, D.C., opens in February. Currently, the event is scheduled to take place in person, from June 23 to 28.
  • ACRL recently granted few one-year memberships to 50 BIPOC individuals as part of a renewed focus on DEI initiatives.
  • The ALA Public Policy & Advocacy Office is working on its agenda for 2022 and will complete it by early spring.

In addition, the most recent Chapter Topics newsletter was published in January. An update on the 2021 ALAO Annual Conference was featured in the Professional Development section and ALAO’s presentation “Developing a Responsible Event Code of Conduct and Reporting Workflow,” by Edith Scarletto and Mandi Goodsett, was featured in the Best Practices section.

Jane Hammons, Liaison to ACRL, The Ohio State University

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