Join the Diversity Committee

Address various aspects of human diversity, including ethnic and racial, country of origin, religious affiliation, gender, LGBTQIA, ability, and age. This Committee serves as an advisory group to ALAO to assist the organization in providing leadership for diversity by acting as a bridge to promote understanding and to help foster and sustain diversity throughout the organization.

Specific Activities

Plan, organize and hold educational programs and activities that may:

-Develop among Ohio academic library personnel a sensitivity and positive attitude toward human diversity.

– Encourage academic library personnel in Ohio to interact with other individuals and organizations that promote diversity.

– Encourage the incorporation of diversity concerns in all areas of Ohio academic library policy and practice.

Develop and/or share recruitment and retention strategies to attract a diverse population to careers in Ohio academic libraries.

Communicate regularly to the members of ALAO about activities and items of interest concerning diversity.

Past activities include, creating ALAO Code of Conduct, reporting forms and workflow; workshops (online and in person); and administering the ALAO diversity scholarship.

For more information please contact CoChairs Edith Scarletto ( or Gwen Short (

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