ACRL Chapters Council Report

During the 2020-2021 academic year, the ACRL Representative:

  • Forwarded to the ALAO Board list or the ALAO membership list information emailed from ACRL as appropriate.
  • Attended ALAO board meetings, and communicated questions to ACRL as necessary.
  • Compiled the Ohio Chapter Annual Report for ACRL

Updates from ACRL Chapters Council at ALA Annual

  • ALA
    • Forward Together – many resolutions are being drawn up; there is movement but it is taking a great deal of time.
    • Membership and the value of membership is top of mind for leadership.
  • ACRL
    • Awards program is on a one year pause while a taskforce determines if the awards are still relevant to members.
    • CR&L News will be online-only starting January 2022
    • Membership is under discussion – focusing on retention and engagement; identifying why people leave.
    • ACRL taskforce is looking at the budget as it relates to EDI work in ACRL, and if ACRL is living its values
  • LibLearnX
    • Replacing Midwinter, and will focus more on content and less on meetings.
    • Call for proposals forthcoming.

-Created by Katie Blocksidge, The Ohio State University at Newark.  Submitted by Jane Hammons, Liaison to ACRL, The Ohio State University

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