ALAO Mentorship Program: Call for Mentees

Call for Mentees – 2020-2021

Call for Mentees for 2020-2021 ALAO Mentoring Program

The Academic Library Association of Ohio’s Professional Development Committee (ALAO PDC) is excited to announce a call for participation in the 2020-21 Mentoring Program.

Mentees can be library school students, newly-minted professionals, or more experienced librarians. The program will help you connect with someone who can provide professional support, career advice, and help you identify and set goals.

Program Overview

The ALAO PDC reviews registration information and matches mentoring pairs. The annual program runs through Spring 2021.

We invite prospective mentees to complete the application by September 21, 2020: Application Form

Matching Process

  1. New this year: Abbreviated mentor bios are available on the ALAO web page
  2. Prospective mentees review the list of available mentors and identifies three mentors they would like to work with.
  3. Prospective mentees complete the online Mentee Application and rank the top three mentor choices.
  4. ALAO PDC will then work to create a match. When a match is confirmed, both parties will be notified.
  5. Prior to the first mentoring meeting, ALAO PDC will provide guidelines and suggestions to help get the mentoring relationship off to a good start.
  6. Typically, most mentoring relationships meet for at least four sessions spread out over a few months based on mentor/mentee availability and scheduling preferences.
  7. At the end of the mentoring relationship, a program evaluation will go out to both parties.

Reflections from Past Participants

“I’m so thankful for this program–it has helped me immensely during a crossroads in my career. I feel prepared for the job search and whatever may lie ahead in academic librarianship, and am so appreciative of everyone involved who takes the time for this.”

“Great program. I would encourage everyone to participate. We can all learn a lot from each other.”

Questions? Please contact Amanda Black, Jen Starkey or Michelle McKinney,

–Amanda Black, Board Member at Large, University of Dayton

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