Interest Group News

Community and 2-Year College Library Interest Group News (C2YCLIG)

The Community and 2-Year College Library Interest Group is seeking dedicated members interested in leadership! We have one to two positions open as Co-Chairs of the Interest Group. If you’re interested in leadership opportunities at the state level and are a member of C2YCLIG, then please contact Julie McDaniel ( and Karla Aleman (

–Julie McDaniel, C2YCLIG Co-Chair, Sinclair Community College
–Karla Aleman, C2YCLIG Co-Chair, Lorain County Community College

Special Collections and Archives Interest Group News (SCAig)

SCAig and the Society of Ohio Archivists (SOA) co-hosted the workshop “Opening Doors: Outreach with Archives and Special Collections.” In this workshop, our five presenters discussed their outreach efforts and provided their tips and tricks for improving outreach efforts, no matter the size of the institution and staff, to engage with the public and communities served. Our first speaker, Natalie Fritz of the Clark County Historical Society at the Heritage Center, spoke on the importance of developing and maintaining an online presence to engage with community members even with limited access to their collections. Steve Ammidown of Bowling Green State University walked participants through choosing the right social media platform for their needs and how to let those accounts go when it is time to delete them. Jenifer Baker and Jen Haney Conover discussed how they started their oral history program at Warren County Records Center and Archives, what they might have done differently to better promote their program and the benefits they have seen come out of the program. Miriam Intrator of Ohio University demonstrated how to move classes successfully online during this pandemic. She also taught participants the do’s and don’ts for creating virtual classes with special collections and archives so that they can start planning fall classes with faculty members with confidence. Further information can be found on SCAig’s ALAO webpage.

–Rachel Makarowski, SCAig Co-Chair, Miami University
–Suzanne Reller, SCAig Co-Chair, University of Cincinnati


STEM IG continues to strive to build a community of STEM librarians within Ohio. Thus, soon after our libraries were closed, we quickly adapted our spring workshop to a virtual format. On March 20 we came together for a very instructive spring workshop on curriculum mapping. Video recording from the workshop is available at Additionally, we have started virtual monthly open discussion sessions as a place for STEM librarians to connect with each other and discuss STEM librarianship issues in the time of COVID-19.
For questions please contact

–Daniela Solomon, STEM IG Co-Chair, Case Western Reserve University
–Zach Sharrow, STEM IG Co-Chair, College of Wooster

Support Staff Interest Group News (SSIG)

Support Staff Interest Group held their online conference throughout the end of April and into May with selected articles for group reads and written discussion alongside a Zoom session for verbal discussion held on May 14th. The co-chairs are evaluating the strengths and weaknesses of holding online programming in the future since the reception from members was so positive. The co-chairs will be sending out a call for a new co-chair very soon, as Erin Smith will be ending her 2018-2020 term.

–Erin Smith, SSIG Co-Chair, Case Western Reserve University
–Rob Withers, SSIG Co-Chair, Miami University

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