Member Spotlight

Let’s shine the Member Spotlight on Corazon Britton from the Moritz Law Library at The Ohio State University!

Corazon BrittonWhat is your role(s) in academic libraries?
In my role as library circulation supervisor at the Moritz Law Library, I work with student employees, perform circulation tasks, and manage interlibrary loan lending. Interlibrary loan was a new responsibility for me, and it’s been incredible to see how connected libraries are and the type of service we provide to our users.

What do you like most about academic library work?
My favorite thing about working in libraries is how the library blends education, working with people, and connecting to communities. This is particularly true in academic libraries because library professionals are partners with students, staff, faculty, and community users in learning.

I also enjoy working directly with student employees. While pursuing my undergraduate degree, I worked in the reference department of my university’s library. That college job turned into a love of working in libraries due in large part to the mentorship of librarians and library professionals who not only provided an incredible work experience but also allowed me to see a future for myself in the field. The kindness and support shown to me is something I try to replicate in my interactions with student employees. I appreciate when they trust me to seek advice, share their accomplishments, or ask for references.

What are some interesting projects you’ve been involved with lately?
I currently serving on the Steering Committee for the Ohio Library Support Staff Institute. It’s enlightening to be part of a conference planning process.

I am in library school right now and one of the projects I’m working on is developing a cataloging management wiki. While I have significant experience searching for items and using catalogs, the intricacies of cataloging have been intimidating. Luckily this class has eased my fears and I feel more confident in my abilities.

Tell us a fun fact about yourself.
I have two cats named Tom and Jerry and a dog named Benji. Jerry actually has a connection to academic libraries! A colleague was fostering Jerry’s mom while she was pregnant, and I adopted Jerry as a kitten!

What do you love about being an ALAO member? 

I’m a new ALAO member but wanted to join ALAO because I had a positive experience at the annual conference years ago when I was a co-presenter as a student employee. I remember at that conference how everyone was friendly and encouraging. When I attended the ALAO conference in October I was met with the same sense of community as I was years ago. ALAO provides valuable professional development and connections.

–Maureen Barry, Membership Chair, Bowling Green State University

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