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Let’s shine the Member Spotlight on Amy Zell, Coordinator of Teen and Patron Technology Services at the Hubbard Public Library and MLIS Student Member!

What are your aspirations after obtaining your MLS/MLIS degree?Amy Zell Member Spotlight

While I dearly love my position as Coordinator of Teen and Patron Technology Services at Hubbard Public Library, my dream is to run a community makerspace in an academic library setting, or in conjunction with educating future librarians on program development. I believe makerspace programming is more than introducing individuals to 3D printers, it is teaching that failure and problems are the beginning of learning. I am working on a toolkit to demonstrate how to develop programs within the makerspace that feature design planning and maker empowerment.

In what capacity do you aspire to work in academic libraries?

I currently work in a public library but my hope is to make a transition after obtaining my degree. I then plan to go on to acquire a second masters degree or my doctorate.

What do you like most about library work?

I enjoy educating other librarians. I think it is important that we continue to learn from one another on an ongoing basis. Open, honest exchanges of information, programming ideas, and how to move forward in our profession are invaluable pieces of wisdom from all of our colleagues at every level.

What are some interesting projects you’ve been involved with lately – at work and/or in class?

I run a Makerspace Bookclub for homeschoolers. The first book we read was Sharon Draper’s Out of My Mind. They had to identify problems the characters were experiencing and then choose one of them to relate to a social problem. After choosing the social problem (they chose isolation), they had to create a way through making to improve that problem. This group of three 10 year old girls chose to install a little free library in the community. Each book was equipped with stickers and registration and the side of the library said “Connect with a book” because these young ladies believe that we are all connected through reading. In a few weeks, I will begin a similar type of process with a Makerspace Storytime at our local VFW Post to help bring families closer together through making.

Tell us a fun fact about yourself.

I have a special chair in my dining room (called a Swingasan) for doing homework and reading that no one in the family is allowed to sit in unless they are reading a book.

Why did you become/What do you love about being an ALAO member?

I enjoy the multitude of resources that come with being a member- always learning!

Membership Report

The current membership of ALAO includes a total of 382 members consisting of 341 regular members, 2 retiree members, and 39 student members. We are excited to welcome our newest members!

New members who joined between December 1, 2018 and February 28, 2019:

Holly Birk, Ohio Wesleyan University
Kelly Moore Broughton, Ohio University
Marel Corroedor-Hyland, Case Western Reserve University
Melissa Cox Norris, University of Cincinnati
Christopher Deems, Ohio Northern University
Michael Dziabiak, University of Findlay
Pamela Espinosa de los Monteros, Ohio State University
Ash Faulkner, Ohio State University
Jane Hammons, Ohio State University
Alea Henle, Miami University
Elizabeth Lang, Ohio Wesleyan University
Zachary Lewis, University of Dayton
David Luftig, University of Dayton
Laura Miller, Ohio State University
Zoe Orcutt, University of Akron
Jennifer Rice, Kent State University
Laura Sheets, Bowling Green State University
Jerry Yarnetsky, Miami University

–Maureen Barry, Membership Chair, Bowling Green State University

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