Membership Update

During the business meeting at the 2017 ALAO Annual Conference on October 27, 2017, the Membership Chair reported that ALAO boasts 339 regular members, 6 retiree members, and 29 student members. We extend a special welcome to our newest members (joined since September 1, 2017):

  • Ginny Boehme, Miami University
  • Zach Walton, Ohio State University-Lima
  • Sarah Schaff, Denison University
  • Karmen Beecroft, Ohio University
  • Julie McDaniel, Sinclair Community College
  • Nainsi Houston, Muskingum University
  • Mackenna Swing, Ohio State University/Kent State iSchool
  • Prashant Shrivastava, Vmou Kota University
  • Steven Pfeiffer, University of Kentucky

-Katy Mathuews, Membership Chair, Ohio University

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