Legislative Report

On August 25, Joseph Dudley (Bryant & Stratton College, Cleveland) and Paul Mitchell (Bryant & Stratton College, Eastlake) previewed their upcoming ALAO poster presentation at the BSC Librarians’ Annual Meeting in Buffalo, NY.  They discussed:

  • How Ohio librarians are currently building selected sharable mini collections and posting these to a system-wide intranet for peer browsing.
  • Invited peers across the system to contribute to the project by adding titles to existing collections and starting new collections
  • How to collaboratively build collections that can be shared to local library pages via LibGuides and modified to meet local needs.
  • How students and faculty at each campus will then be able to to select and access titles directly from LibGuides pages based on:
    • Title
    • Identifier,
    • Subject terms, and
    • Description or table of contents.
  • How collections will be continually updated as new information emerges and user needs change over time.

Lively discussion about the fine points of executing the project across the BSC system followed the presentation.

-Joseph Dudley, Webmaster, Bryant & Stratton College-Cleveland

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