Interest Group Reports

CMCIG Interest Group News
A small group of CMCIG members gathered for a roundtable discussion at the ALAO conference. We had the opportunity to reconnect with each other and greet new members. Our topics of discussion included education technology; use of social media and digital textbooks. We are continuing to seek input for workshop topics.
Desiree Fuerst, CMCIG Co-Chair, Ohio State University-Newark

Distance Learning Interest Group News
DLIG @ ALAO 2016
The Distance Learning Interest Group (DLIG) had a great turnout for our Round Table discussion at the ALAO Annual Conference on October 28. Thank you for your participation!
We are accepting nominations for the 2017 Distance Learning Visionary award. If you or someone you know has published a paper or solved a problem related to distance learning, please consider nominating them. We ask that you submit a 250-500 word essay that demonstrates the nominee’s contributions and include a brief presentation proposal idea. For complete details and submission guidelines, please see the DLIG Blog at or email the DLIG Co-Chairs at
If you have an idea for a blog post or would like to become involved with DLIG, please contact the co-chairs: Beth Tumbleson, or Kristin Cole,
Beth Tumbleson, Miami University
Kristin Cole, Muskingum University Distance Learning Interest Group Co-Chairs

Instruction Interest Group News
The ALAO Instruction Interest Group sponsored “Improving Learner Experience through Creative Library Instructional Design,” presented by Mandi Goodsett from Cleveland State University, at ALAO’s Annual Conference. In her presentation Mandi shared fascinating information about how creativity is wired in the brain and ideas on how to add that creative spark to instruction sessions. To read more about Mandi’s presentation, visit the IIG Blog.

For the IIG Blog, we are interested in hearing from new library instruction librarians and what they have learned about teaching information literacy classes. As a new instruction librarian, what are things you wish you knew when you began? Veteran instructors, what advice do you have for librarians new to teaching? We are also interested in blog posts by librarians from different disciplines, such as first-year experience librarians and science librarians, etc. You can submit a blog proposal here.

IIG has also set the date for its Spring Workshop for Thursday, April 20, at the State Library of Ohio. The workshop will center on adapting library instruction activities to ACRL’s Framework for Information Literacy for Higher Education. Have a cool assignment or approach based on the new Framework? Please consider presenting your ideas at our workshop!
Dana Knott, Columbus State Community College
Mark Eddy, Case Western Reserve University, Instruction Interest Group Co-Chairs

Special Collections and Archives Interest Group News
The Special Collections and Archives interest group of the Academic Library Association of Ohio presents its annual workshop on Friday, June 9, at the University of Dayton.

Preserving Scrapbooks in the Archives with Jennifer Hain Teper is a 4-hour workshop with both hands-on activity and lecture.

The day will include tours of UD’s special collections, lunch, and networking.

Workshop presenter Jennifer Hain Teper serves as Bud Velde Professor of Library Preservation and head, Preservation Services, professor, University Library, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. She graduated from the University of Texas at Austin with a MLIS and Certificate of Advanced Study in the Conservation and Preservation of Library and Archival Materials. Before her appointment at the University of Illinois she worked at the University of Texas’ Harry Ransom Humanities Research Center, the University of Pittsburgh Library, the New York Botanical Gardens Library, and the University of Kentucky Audio-visual archives. She is also a Fellow of the American Institute for Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works.

This workshop is a part of the Midwest Archives Conference Speaker’s Bureau series, and we thank them for their support of archival education in the Midwest.
Janet Carleton, Ohio University
Kate Medicus, Kent State University, SCAIG Co-Chairs

Support Staff Interest Group News
The group has been working on the Spring 2017 Workshop-Discover Your Superpower for March. The topics will focus on which superhero are you? A take-charge leader, friendly enthusiastic socializer, easygoing, people-oriented relater or analytical, independent thinker? Sessions will include how to maintain and activate your superpower while on the job.
The original keynote speaker, Dr. David Fankhauser will be unable to present. The group sent out an email to all SSIG’s listed as members requesting ideas for a new keynote speaker and session topics.
Suggested topics that came from a very fruitful roundtable discussion at the Annual ALAO meeting were:

1) “Superheroes work best in groups” or “Superhero Teams” – how to work with a wide variety of peers who bring different strengths to the table – any speaker who can talk about understanding people different from ourselves and/or how to communicate effectively including keeping our own ‘voice’
2) Cross training- “It is not us versus them, it is we”
3) “Repairing the Spleen-looking at the small stuff”
4) How to survive layoffs, reclassifications and downsizing?
5) Moral
6) Is it disruption or innovation?
By December 19, 2017 the group should have a firm agenda in place for the workshop.
Chasity Gragg, Ohio University
Natalie Winland, University of Cincinnati-Clermont College, SSIG Co-Chairs

Technical, Electronic, and Digital Services IG ALAO Conference Recap
The Technical, Electronic, and Digital Service Interest Group (TEDSIG) was pleased to award this year’s TEDDY Award to Rocki Strader, Associate Professor in The Ohio State University Libraries, working as Authorities Librarian, Catalog Maintenance Coordinator, and Western Languages Cataloging Coordinator. The TEDDY award recognizes an individual’s significant contributions to the technical, electronic or digital services fields. Contributions may include service, innovative practices, presentations, publications, and leadership in the profession. Rocki served as a former co-chair of TEDSIG 2007-2009, and President of ALAO 2010-2011. Her recommender for the award noted her many contributions to ALAO, publication and conference presentation record, and invaluable state-wide contributions to electronic theses and dissertations cataloging, as well as assistance to those working in technical services as a whole. TEDSIG congratulates Rocki Strader.

As a footnote, TEDSIG will be soliciting nominees for next year’s TEDDY award next Spring. The award includes two waivers to a future TEDSIG event and TEDS, the TEDSIG mascot.

TEDSIG sponsored the presentation “How Our Village Raised its Genre/Form Index: Why It Took Three Years and Why We Stuck with It,” at this fall’s ALAO Conference. The presenters, from Kent State University’s main library, were: Kate Medicus, Special Collections Cataloger; Laurence Skirvin, Adjunct Catalog Librarian; Amey Park, Database Maintenance Librarian; and George Leggiero, Lead Applications Analyst. The presenters discussed their work in responding to users’ request for searching by genre and form terms in the catalog. They explained the steps involved in investigating the issue, researching solutions, and implementing the capacity to search by genre and form, with teamwork from all. This new capability has been well received and widely used by their reference staff. The presenters also showed possibilities for other libraries to implement this search capability. The presentation was very well attended and feedback was very enthusiastic.
Rich Wisneski, TEDSIG Co-Chair, Cleveland State University
Cara Calabrese, TEDSIG Co-Chair, Miami University of Ohio

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