President’s Update

Brian Gray, President

Brian Gray, President

I am excited to announce a new member’s benefit coming in 2016. ALAO is partnering with SWON to establish a series of 3-4 webinars per year. The topics will be hand selected to be of benefit to administrators, librarians, and staff of academic libraries. The first webinar will occur in the next few months. In addition, ACRL recently just made adjustments to how the state chapters can offer their webinars, so we hope to leverage those changes. In the past, we were limited to a single location in the state, but now we can offer the webinar in various locations around the state.

I also want to announce the two newest members of the ALAO Board. Joe Fox (Cedarville) and Derek Zoladz (OHIONET) have agreed to join the existing webmasters team. Joe and Derek bring key web skills and new ideas to the position. I want to thank Holly White for her service. She has taken a job out of state, and the Board wished her luck on her new challenge.

Finally, I am hearing very exciting news about the workshops being prepared by the ALAO Interest Groups. I hope you can attend one or more of these workshops during the spring months!
Brian Gray, Case Western Reserve University, President

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