Research Grant Announcement

Apply Now:  2016 Research Grant

The Research & Publications Committee will be accepting proposals for research grants beginning Monday, November 23.  If you have a research project or are thinking about a research project that could use some funding, we can help!  ALAO members can apply for up to $2000 in research funding to cover the costs for current or upcoming research projects.

Apply for grant funding via the ALAO website.  A full description of the application and criteria may be found on the online (

Application criteria:
1.    Application form
2.    Grant proposal essay
3.    Budget worksheet
4.    Current curriculum vitae

Submit the application form (item 1), the research proposal (item 2), and a budget sheet (item 3) online at the ALAO website:  Be sure to log in as an ALAO member first and then click “Register”.

Send a current curriculum vitae  (item 4) for each applicant to Heidi Gauder, Chair of the Research & Publications Committee, at as an email attachment.

Applications will be judged on the following criteria:
Does the applicant demonstrate knowledge of the published research in the area of study, and how the proposed research will add to the field?
Does the proposed research make a unique and significant contribution to library science and knowledge of academic libraries?
Is the methodology for research clearly outlined? Does the methodology support the research process and outcomes?
Is the proposed budget sufficiently detailed and clear?
Does the proposed budget refer to financial support provided by the applicant’s home institution? If so, is the proposed amount justified in comparison to institutional support?
Is the proposal clear and complete, conforming to all required information as stipulated in the grant application instructions?

Heidi Gauder, University of Dayton, Research & Publications Committee Chair

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