Collection Management Interest Group Spring Workshop Recap

Kathleen Baril, Ohio Northern University, CMIG Co-Chair

CMIG just completed a very successful spring workshop at the State of Library of Ohio.  In the morning, we learned about two very practical and useful tools for collection management: the Weeding Helper and an Electronic Resources Evaluation Rubric. Ken Irwin of Wittenberg University who developed the Weeding Helper software (which is open source, and free for anyone to use), demonstrated and highlighted its many useful features.  David Green from OhioNET and Kristin Cole from Muskingum University both described how they had implemented Weeding Helper.  We ended the morning by hearing from Wade Lee, Sheryl Stevens and Julia Martin from the University of Toledo about the development and implementation of their Electronic Resources Evaluation Rubric, an extremely useful tool.

The afternoon began with a quick CIRM update from Dan Gottlieb, bringing us up to date on all things CIRM-related.  Next, we listened to presentations from Hannah Levy at Case Western Reserve University and Jessica Hagman from Ohio University about marketing library resources and services.  Hannah Levy works full-time at the Kelvin Smith Library as the Marketing and Communications Officer and provided many examples of ways to get our message across in appealing and attention-grabbing ways.  Jessica Hagman is the Social Media Coordinator and Subject Librarian for Scripps College and provided workshop attendees with hints, tips, websites and software to aid librarians who want to work marketing into their busy schedules.  The day ended with the sharing of marketing ideas in roundtables.

As I rotate off this Interest Group, I want to thank my co-chair Jessica Grim and my three workshop committee members: Calvin Cleary (OSU-Lima), Phil Flynn (Wright State) and Mark Eddy (CWRU) for all their hard work in putting together a successful workshop.

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