Distance Learning Interest Group

Carrie Girton, Miami University
Kathleen Pickens, Cincinnati State University; DLIG Co-Chairs

2012DLIGattendeesMark your calendars and get ready to register for “INOV8: Elevating Engagement for Students Online”!  The DLIG Spring workshop will be held on Friday, May 15th at Miami University’s Voice of America Learning Center, located in West Chester, Ohio (just a few miles north of Cincinnati). The workshop will feature four fantastic presentations, networking opportunities, and food–lots of food. Whether you are an instruction librarian creating electronic resources, a reference librarian new to serving online students, or a distance education veteran, you won’t want to miss this event.

Registration will open before the end of March and space will be limited so get ready to reserve your spot.

Visit the DLIG blog at http://distancelibrarians.wordpress.com/ for presenter updates and more information.

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