Collection Management Interest Group

Kathleen Baril, Ohio Northern University
Jessica Grim, Oberlin College; CMIG Co-chairs

We hope you were able to join us at the annual conference for a wonderful panel discussion about working with faculty in collection development. We want to thank our panel members:  LuAnn Boris, Julie Deardorff, Laura Kinner and Debra Oswald for sharing their experiences with us.

Interested in sharing what you are doing at your institution in collection development?
Please consider submitting a proposal for our spring workshop at the State Library on Monday, May 18, 2015. We are looking for presentations covering any of the following topics:

1. Management, selection and weeding in an electronic environment.
Presentations in this topic area might focus on single title selection practice, weeding of electronic collections, evaluation of use statistics, citation analysis and deselection criteria for ebooks or journals.

2. Marketing the library’s collections.
Presentations in this topic area could cover innovative ways to market the library’s collections both print and electronic to your campus community (faculty, staff and students), marketing to particular user groups (i.e. international students) and using vendor-supplied material.

3. Nontraditional “acquisitions” purchasing.
Presentations in this topic area might include funding for digitization, purchasing datasets, library as publisher and covering author fees. Proposals may address emerging trends, report on recent research, or demonstrate new services, projects, and tools. Each session will last 45 minutes. Please include time for questions following your presentation.

Proposals will be selected by blind review and should be submitted to by January 15, 2015. Please include a title, the presenters names, a primary contact and an abstract (approximately 250 words).

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