Betsy’s Bits

Betsy Blankenship, Ohio State University Marion

I am a fan of 70’s music and I heard on the radio the other day the song “Celebrate!” and thought that it was a perfect tune for this time of the year. There are many reasons for celebrating and the main one for me is that the semester is over and I can breathe again for a little while! Many people are celebrating graduations, weddings, going on vacation, welcoming home a child for a visit for the summer or for just a little while, etc. Maybe you are celebrating at work a project completed, a report done, a plan developed, an annual review finished, etc. I hope that if you are not, that you can look for a reason to celebrate – the beautiful weather, flowers blooming, longer hours of sunlight, saying thanks to your colleagues and staff for getting through another academic year! It will make your summer seem even better!

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