Curriculum Materials Centers Interest Group

Cheryl Ghosh, University of Cincinnati

The Curriculum Materials Center Interest Group (CMCIG) 2014 Spring Workshop will be held on 4/4/14 at the Ohio State University – Newark Campus, Warner Center, from 8:30 – 3:30pm. The theme this year is “Keeping Pace: Changes & Trends in Curriculum Material Centers.” Topics will include a basic overview of the new edTPA, Teacher Preparation Assessment, evaluation, and how CMC’s can support this new initiative, the Use of Social Media in CMC’s, and a round table discussion entitled “CMC Programs & Events: Connecting with Your Community.” In addition, there will be a tour of the Ohio State University – Newark Educational Curriculum Center, a lunch/business meeting, and a field trip to The Works, a children’s museum in Newark that Leni Anderson (CMC Librarian at OSU-Newark) partners with for programming. Come, learn, share and get refreshed with new ideas for your Curriculum Materials Center. Registration is available here:

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