Membership Updates

Alison Ricker, Oberlin College

ALAO’s member roster looks healthy, at first glance, with 1004 names total in all categories. But – and it gives me a bit of a lurch – 617 of those folks are in the Expired Membership column. Gracious, where have they all gone? Of the 371 Active Members, nearly 130 have membership renewal dates in the next several weeks. Are you one of those folks? Please be aware that you get no reminder for renewal in the U.S. Mail. Our membership system is completely reliant on automated messages from the ALAO website (which we’ve tried to edit in a compelling and personal manner – but they are unavoidably recognizable as automated messages). If you have turned off email notifications from the ALAO system, you will get no renewal reminders or even a thank you message when you do renew. I am very sympathetic to the urge to turn off email, but suggest that you to keep your email notifications on and forebear any annoyance, so we can keep in touch!

Renewing ALAO dues takes just a few minutes online. If you want to pay by check, it’s best to begin the process online and follow the directions for sending a check, once you have reviewed your membership profile. You are welcome to ignore the online process completely, if that is your preference – the important thing is to continue support of your professional organization, so that we can provide professional development opportunities that enhance academic library service in Ohio. Your membership also supports ALAO grants, scholarships, and research and advocacy travel awards for members, and helps to honor outstanding colleagues. Thank you for being an ALAO member.

Dues: $30 Regular membership; $10 Student or Retiree membership.

Payable to ALAO, online or mailed to:
Alison Ricker
Science Librarian
Oberlin College Science Center
119 Woodland St.
Oberlin OH 44074

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