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Betsy Blankenship, The Ohio State University Marion

I am always amazed at how giving library staff are – they give their time, their talents, their money, and most importantly, their wisdom and suggestions. At the annual conference, we asked attendees to visit several Expression Walls we had set up. Each was different and we asked them to post their thoughts, suggestions, ideas. I thought I would share them with everyone – there are some great tips and suggestions we can all use!

Tips for enjoying the conference

  • Introduce yourself to at least three new people
  • Don’t be afraid to share your new skills with experienced librarians – they can learn from you, too!
  • Get enough sleep!
  • Don’t be afraid to skip a presentation to talk to someone you miss or just met. Ideas are born there.
  • Ask questions at presentations
  • Attend sessions on topics brand new to you
  • Step outside your com fort zone
  • Talk to people! There are so many “AHA” moments & opportunities for collaboration that you can find
    out about . . . just by saying hi to someone!
  • Don’t just go to presentations where the topic is something you are already doing – you learn a lot from sessions w/brand new topics

  • Eat cookies, drink coffee and talk to the many awes me librarians!

Suggestions for new Librarians

  • Smile – and often!
  • Learn something new everyday
  • Go to conferences & join groups /committees!
  • Meet as many people as you can & network!
  • Learn to code!
  • Love what you do. Do what you love
  • Sit with people you don’t know and talk to them, don’t play/use your phone
  • Meet faculty – they think you’re smarter than you think they do!
    Try to get involved even at a basic level. It helps you meet folks at other libraries and learn new things.
    Be a good co-worker! Teamwork is essential to success.
  • Get out from behind your desk & into the classroom/lab/President’s office at your institution!
    Be enthusiastic about teaching!
  • Don’t hesitate to speak-up. New ideas are welcome!
  • What Buildings lie between the pathway that students use to get to
    take note of real time current treads (sic) of discussion
  • Make the “3C’s” your go-to words: Collaborate, collaborate, collaborate!

Looking at ALAO in 2020

  • More virtual content
  • Hands on programs (preservation?)
  • OHIO ACAD LIBRNS are the best! Reach out to your statewide peers anytime you have a Q!
  • More cat videos (Upvote!)
  • Wear comfy shoes!
  • More about distance ed librarianship
  • More sessions w/ideas for small schools w/small staff & budgets [Betsy’s note: this was marked with yes! and this!]
  • New formats, new resources, new questions, new problems!
  • Mentoring program
  • Have presentations online in one place
  • Streamlined Discovery & Smart Search
  • We’ll have our own maker workshop
  • Streaming sessions for those who can’t physically attend [Betsy’s note: this was marked with +1 and I agree!]
  • Create writing & research groups
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