Betsy’s Bits

Remember the show that was on TV some years back called Name that Tune? Contestants had to decide how many notes of a song they thought they needed to hear in order to name a song. Some were great and only needed 2 or 3 notes to correctly identify it. They won money and could advance to the final round to win even more money. I think it’s great when we can easily identify something with just a few notes or letters. At the Leadership Retreat, I asked our board members (new and old) to tell me what they thought the letters ALAO meant or stood for, to them. My example was Always Looking At Opportunities. I got some really great ideas and now I need to decide which one is the best (because I offered a prize). The trouble is, I can’t really decide, since they all relate to ALAO in some meaningful way. I think they’re all winners! What do you think?

An Excellent Annual Conference
Accessible Learning, Advancing Openness
Advancing Librarians Across Ohio
Accessing Links (and) Advocacy in Ohio
ALAO means to me really great people
Appreciating Librarians And Organizations
Acquiring LIFELONG Acquaintanceships in Ohio
Always Laughing At Ourselves
Awesome Libraries Around Ohio
Amigos Laboring, Always Onward

What about you? What does ALAO mean to you?

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