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From the Interest Group Coordinator
Kathryn Venditti, Ashland University
It’s alive! Thanks to renewed interest from ALAO members who stepped up, two of our defunct interest groups have been revived. Ginna Witte and Derek Malone volunteered to co-chair the Support Staff Interest Group (SSIG). Phil Flynn and Julie Deardorff the new co-chairs of the Collection Management Interest Group (CMIG). Both groups had an information table at the ALAO Annual conference where they shared plans about their new group and collected ideas from interested, potential members. The other Interest Groups had information tables and sponsored a conference session. In addition, the Special Collections and Archives, Distance Learning, Instruction and Curriculum Materials Center Interest Groups also hosted round tables at the conference to engage in deeper conversations with their members. Make sure to check out the Interest Group newsletter articles for more details!

Collection Management Interest Group
Phil Flynn, Wright State University

SSSSHHHH! It’s a secret you MUST share. ALAO CMIG is back!
It’s no secret that library collections are changing. The Collection Management Interest Group will offer a spring workshop on Patron Driven Acquisitions. What product options are available? Who has tried PDA and how did it work? How do ebook collections and PDA affect the strength of the statewide collection? CMIG plans to address each of these questions in the spring workshop.
Look for registration information in January.
We promise not to keep it secret.
CMIG is co-chaired by Phil Flynn (Wright State University) and Julie Deardorff (Cedarville University).

Curriculum Materials Center Interest Group
Stephanie Bange, Wright State University

The CMCIG hosted both a program and a Roudtable Meeting at the Conference.
The Curriculum Materials Center Interest Group gathered for a Roundtable meeting at the recent ALAO Conference. Discussion was lead by Kathy Yoder (BGSU). The upcoming CMCIG 2013 Spring Workshop was planned for Friday, May 17, 2013 at the University of Cincinnati with the theme, “Common Core State Standards Unraveled.” The Common Core State Standards were also discussed by the participant at the roundtable and resource/ material ideas for use at CMC were shared. For an online guide to the CCSS Roundtable discussion please see
In the afternoon, CMCIG hosted the program, Storytime at the Academic Library. Dr. Jennifer Smith (Northern Kentucky University) opened the program with a reading of the c2012 picture book “Little Nelly’s Big Book” by Pippa Goodhart and Andy Rowland. She went on to describe her experience of developing a storytime at her library, talking about the myriad of details that need to be addressed and met with each storytime. A very interesting concept, indeed!

Distance Learning Interest Group
Jessie Long, Miami University Middletown

Jessie Long presenting the Distance Learning Visionary Award to Ken Burhanna

Do YOU know a “Distance Learning Visionary? DLIG is now accepting applications for our research and presentation grant. In addition to earning the award title, the chosen recipient will receive a $150.00 presentation grant for sharing their innovative ideas at the DLIG/IIG co-sponsored Spring Workshop (remote participation is permissible). For more details, see the DLIG page on the ALAO website or follow the DLIG blog at
DLIG is also excited to have sponsored a wonderful session at the ALAO Annual Conference on October 26th, 2012. Kent State University librarian Ken Burhanna, our 2012 Distance Learning Visionary, shared research and tips about successful embedded librarianship in his presentation, “Academic Libraries & Course Management Systems: Can You be Embedded without being Buried?” DLIG also led a roundtable discussion that covered everything from the basics of distance learning to our list on the “Best Practices for Embedded Librarianship.”

Instruction Interest Group
Lauren Wahman, University of Cincinnati Blue Ash College Library

The Instruction Interest Group (IIG) sponsored a well-attended session (38 people) at the ALAO Annual Conference on October 26, 2012. Brian Leaf and Karen Diaz, Ohio State University, presented “Change Course? Let’s Change Wikipedia Instead ‐ Rethinking Information Literacy.” Given the number of librarians involved in teaching credit courses, this presentation provided a great way to integrate Wikipedia into the classroom. In addition, IIG created an Information Table display with information about IIG, how to get involved, and teaching resource ideas and facilitated a successful Roundtable session with 11 attendees. Roundtable topics discussed included active learning in the classroom and teaching tips as well as compiling a list of future workshop ideas.

Special Collections & Archives Interest Group
Stefanie Hunker, Bowling Green State University

Thank you to everyone who attended the SCAIG roundtable discussion at the conference! Highlights include:

  • the topic for our first workshop as an interest group – Outreach
  • Dates for the spring workshop – some day in May
  • Our first workshop planning committee (Kim Tully [SCAIG Co-Chair] from Miami, Chris Mannix from Columbus College of Art & Design, Angelyn Hellman from Clark State, Suzanne Maggard from U. of Cinncinnati, and Stefanie Hunker [SCAIG Co-Chair] from Bowling Green).

We’ll continue to keep you posted as we get the planning going. Ideas from everyone are welcome!
If anyone is interested in joining or working with the Special Collections & Archives Interest Group, email either Stefanie Hunker ( or Kim Tully ( Also, check out our new listserv at!forum/alao-scaig

Support Staff Interest Group
Ginna White, Cincinnati State Technical and Community College

As the new SSIG co-chair, I’m excited to work with our members to ensure support staff have a voice in ALAO and to create opportunities to help members network and grow professionally.
An electronic survey was sent out at the end of October via ALAO to all current and former SSIG members; 16 members completed the survey. 13 of 16 respondents indicated that they felt SSIG was still needed to ensure Support Staff had representation in ALAO. Just over 2/3 of the respondents typically attend OLSSI. Group members gave the highest ratings to the following 3 activities in terms of what the group should focus on: sponsoring sessions at the ALAO Conference for support staff, maintaining a blog or other group web space to post PD opportunities and questions, and advocating for SS at ALAO functions. 6 of the respondents also provided comments at the end of the survey. Comments from respondents included requests for more SS focused PD (4 comments – i.e. working with OLSSI and creating a committee to generate topics), a request for opportunities for online training since SS don’t always have access to travel funds, and a comment regarding the need to continue to advocate and express the worth of SS in academic libraries.
This feedback will be used to shape the group’s activities over the next few months. Thank you to everyone who took time to complete the survey and provide feedback.

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