Apply Now: ALAO 2013 Research Grant

Mark Eddy, Case Western Reserve University

ALAO seeks to promote research, and each year the ALAO Executive Board may award up to $1000.00 to support and encourage research projects proposed by ALAO members. Both ongoing and new research projects are considered. Grants are intended to help in funding such incremental research costs as the organization of data, the hiring of interviewers or other assistants, charges for computer time, and modest travel costs associated with research. Grants may not be used for purchase of equipment. Grants are limited to investigations related to issues in libraries, librarianship, and information science and technology.
Include the following in your application:
Completed ALAO Research Grant Application Form (
A written proposal of no more than two pages, single-spaced. Include the objectives of the research, a brief discussion of previous work on the topic, the methodology that will be used, plans for evaluation, the potential importance of the research results, and an estimate of the amount of time to be spent at each stage of the project. Avoid the use of acronyms and jargon without appropriate reference to full names and definitions. Please be clear and complete with your proposal. The Committee evaluates each application as is and will not ask for further clarifications.
A current vita from the named applicant(s).
A budget sheet. Briefly list the projected expenses for the project. Consider all direct and indirect costs, such as staff time, printing and postage, supplies, and services required to complete the work. Note any other anticipated sources of support for the project and include supporting evidence (i.e., a letter from your institution). Clearly identify which expenditures will be met by ALAO Research Grant funds.
Please combine all four components listed above for the application into one MS Word document. You can copy and paste the grant application form listed above into your document.

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