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Curriculum Materials Center Interest Group
Stephanie Bange, Wright State University

The CMCIG-sponsored program at the recent ALAO Conference in Toledo, “Wizards and Vampires and Nerdfighters, O My! Popular Literature in the Academic Library”, was a hit. Approximately 20 people attended. Nancy Down talked about the mission of the Browne Popular Culture Library, highlighting several collections in the library. Kathy Yoder talked about the “Crossover Fiction” available in the BGSU CRC, i.e. fiction that is popular with both teens and adults, that is common to both departments of BGSU Library.
The CMCIG co-chairs are working on getting the CMCIG Listserv back up and running. An initial list of people wanting to be on the listserv is in Karen Plummer’s hands; she will begin to build it for us. Stephanie plans to email others and post on the CMCIG Blog to encourage others to join. If you would like to be included in the listserv, please send your email address to Stephanie:
Co-chairs Amy and Stephanie plan to meet in the next month to plan the spring workshop — date and theme to be announced soon. Stay tuned for a Save the Date announcement!

Distance Learning Interest Group
Kathleen Pickens-French, Miami University, Hamilton

Do you know a “Distance Learning Visionary”?
The Academic Library Association of Ohio (ALAO) recognizes the need to encourage and spotlight pioneering individuals, particularly those who offer their colleagues new and innovative practices that can be adapted and implemented in their home institutions. As such, ALAO’s Distance Learning Interest Group (DLIG) is excited to announce that nominations are now being accepted for the 2012 “Distance Learning Visionary”. Benefits of winning include:

  • Honor of being named the 2012 Distance Learning Visionary.
  • Recognition at the 2012 ALAO Annual Conference Luncheon, as well as on the ALAO Website, ALAO Newsletter, & the DLIG Blog.
  • Reward of $150 presentation grant for sharing distance learning strategies, applications, or research with attendees of the 2012 DLIG Spring Workshop. Please note that the funds are contingent upon the grantee presenting in person, remotely, or via pre-recorded session.

Nomination applications should include a 250-500 word essay that demonstrates the nominee’s contributions to e-learning, as well as a short presentation proposal that suggests what the nominee would share with colleagues striving to succeed in the technology-driven environment of online learning. Links to relevant supporting materials are encouraged; self and group nominations are permissible.
For complete details and submission guidelines, please see the DLIG blog at, or email the DLIG Co-Chairs at
Applications are due by December 20th, 2011.

Diversity Committee
Diane Kolosionek, Cleveland State University

Bridgette Billingslea, recipient of the 2011-2012 ALAO Diversity Scholarship, was recognized during the awards ceremony at the ALAO Annual Conference on November 4, 2011. She was presented with a certificate by Diane Kolosionek, Diversity Committee Chair. As part of the scholarship award, Bridgette receives a year of mentoring by an ALAO member. Bridgette’s mentor is Sharon Purtee, Health Sciences Librarian at the Donald C. Harrison Health Sciences Library, University of Cincinnati. Sharon is a current member of the Diversity Committee.

Instruction Interest Group (IIG)
Kathryn Venditti,Ashland University and Lauren Wahman, University of Cincinnati, Blue Ash College

IIG Information Table created by Kathryn Venditti (Ashland University), Lauren Wahman (UC Blue Ash) and Julie Chance Gustafson (Wooster)

Rares Piloiu at IIG sponsored session, Taking Tutorials to the Classroom: The Use of Tutorials in ‘Differentiated Instruction’

IIG sponsored a well-attended session (32 people) for instruction librarians at the ALAO Annual Conference on November 4, 2011. Otterbein University librarians Rares Piloiu, Judy Carey Nevin, and Lois Szudy presented Taking Tutorials to the Classroom: The Use of Tutorials in ‘Differentiated Instruction’. This was a timely presentation that included useful information on available softwares, challenges that arise when using tutorials, and benefits of video tutorials in library instruction.
IIG also sponsored an information table at the Annual Conference. The table included a tri-board display, instruction-related books, teaching resources handout for participants, informational handout about IIG, and sign-up sheet for notification about the upcoming blog.
We are thinking about our spring 2012 workshop and are eager to hear your ideas for a theme. Email Kathryn Venditti or Lauren Wahman to let us know what workshop topics interest you or to suggest a presenter.

Research and Publications Committee
Mark Eddy, Case Western Reserve University

The ALAO Research and Publications Committee wants to remind everyone about our Research Grant Program for 2012. ALAO members can apply for up to $1000 in research funding to help cover costs for current or upcoming research projects. Applications are due on December 15th. For more information and to apply for the 2012 ALAO Research Grant please visit our ALAO web page:

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