Photos from the ALAO Board Retreat: July 12-13

Past President Rob Withers passing the gavel to new President Rocki Strader

Alison Ricker and Mary Ayres chatting at Cherry Valley Lodge

Greg Martin and Gaynelle Predmore

The 2010-2011 Board - Front: Rocki Strader, Nicole Robinson, Peggy Rector. 2nd Row: Chris Thornton, Brian Hickam, Alison Ricker, Kathryn Venditti (partially hidden), Krista McDonald, Pat Brown, Don Appleby. Back: David Allen, Mary Ayres, Gaynelle Predmore, Deberah England, Frank Bove (behind Deberah), Christina Bonner, Diane Kolosionek, Greg Martin, Kathleen Pickens-French

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