Continuing Education Grant Awards for 2010

Stephena Harmony, UC Raymond Walters

The Professional Development Committee (PDC) is pleased to announce the following awards for 2010:

•    Sevim McCutcheon, Kent State University, to attend the annual ALA conference with the focus on the new RDA cataloging standards;

•    Carla Myers, University of Akron, to attend the Center for Intellectual Property Symposium at the University of Maryland with the focus on copyright issues pertaining to academic libraries.

Congratulations Sevim and Carla!

Recognizing both the increase in costs for professional development and a greater need of support for ALAO members, the ALAO Board approved an increase of $500 for the Continuing Education(CE) grant.  In 2011 the CE grant will be $2,500.

The PDC also revised procedures to clarify deadlines, outline the blind review process in greater detail, and address changing circumstances of applicants prior to and following the award of the grant.

The 2010 PDC Committee members are:
Don Appleby
Ione Damasco
Stephena Harmony, Chair
Gregory Martin
Nicole Robinson

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