President’s Report

Robert Withers, Miami University

ALAO’s 35th Annual Conference was held on October 30, 2009 at the Roberts Centre in Wilmington, Ohio. Despite this year’s economic downturn, attendance was consistent with the previous year’s conference. Keynote speaker, Dr. Rush Miller, from the University of Pittsburgh led off a successful day of programming which received many favorable evaluations.

We have received supporting materials (PowerPoint presentations, handouts, supporting web sites) from over three quarters of our conference presentations and have linked these from the ALAO web site. Supporting materials for many poster sessions have been provided and linked from the web site, as well.

One comment we often receive on conference evaluations is ‘but what about Columbus?’

Past President Karen Wilhoit addresses site selection issues familiar to members of the conference planning committee in her column below.

With the signing of insurance papers, our transition from the Ohio College Association (OCA) to SWON Libraries as our fiscal agent is now complete. We’re fortunate that SWON was able to so ably step in and assume the bulk of the tasks previously performed by the OCA.

Moving forward, I plan to focus on how we can better employ technology to manage membership data, communicate with our membership, and allow our membership to interact with ALAO.

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