Support Staff Interest Group

Kathy Burns, Southern State

The SSIG members committee has been very busy. We had a meeting in July at Ohionet to discuss changes that we needed to make to improve ALAO’s Support Staff Interest Group. We had some great ideas; one, we’re starting a Mentoring Program. We understand that we need to network more with the limited staffing many libraries are facing. Helping new staff with limited resources can be a challenge. We are hoping those of you who are more seasoned support staff will sign up to be mentors, and those of you who are new or in a new position will sign up for a SSIG mentor.

We’ll have signup sheets on the SSIG website very shortly and signup sheets will also be available at the ALAO conference at the Roberts Center in Wilmington October 30, 2009.

We’re also working to clean up the Support Staff listserv. We’ll be deleting all of the names on the support staff listserv and ask that you sign up again. We found that many people have moved on to other areas and we need an updated list.  SSIG will also be starting a blog.

The information we ask for on the listserv signup sheet will have information that we can create an account for you on the blog. This will limit access to just ALAO support staff and no spammers. If you’d like to be a part of the SSIG members committee please contact co-chair Kathy Burns at or co-chair Bill Stoddard at Thank you for your support.

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