Curriculum Materials Center Interest Group

Carolyn Sanders, Chair (Central State)

On May 15, 2009, twenty-two individuals attended the CMCIG Spring Workshop entitled Realigning the CMC. Eight of those in attendance made first time and/or renewed previous ALAO memberships.

As outlined in the March News Letter Kevin Stinson from Delta Education distributed batteries, light bulbs, and wire and challenged attendees to find multiple ways to complete an electrical circuit to light the bulb. He highlighted two Delta science programs, FOSS kits and science modules that encourage problem solving and promote active learning of science concepts.

Jack Helm from Wright Group McGraw Hill explained their research-based Everyday Mathematics program.

Lou Staffillino and Patty Griffin from the Ohio Department of Education, reviewed Governor Ted Strickland’s proposed PreK-12 education plan and its impact on teacher preparation programs. Most of the plan was part of House Bill #1 and is part of the governor’s budget approved by the legislature. Praxis III type evaluations of first year teachers will be completed by lead teachers in the district rather than by trained evaluators from higher education and other education based entities. Praxis II evaluations will remain the same.

Kathy Yoder, a registered attendee and presenter from Bowling Green State University, used Lib Guide software for her presentation of new children’s and young adult titles and demonstrated some Lib Guide features which may be helpful to curriculum librarians. New titles may be viewed at .

Dr. Deanna Romano from Ashland University and Diane Schrecker, a registered attendee, a presenter, and our host at Ashland University, demonstrated practical classroom applications of Web 2.0 technologies—blogging for reflection and community building, Wiki’s for collaboration, teacher and student tube videos for sharing information, RSS feeds to keep updated, and Lib Guides to assist patrons with information access. Information from their presentation may be perused here. Diane Schrecker led attendees on a tour of the Curriculum Resource Center after the presentations and before the board meeting.

During the board meeting Carolyn Sanders, Central State University, CMCIG co-chair, announced that Sara Bushong, Bowling Green State University, accepted the permanent position as Associate Dean of BGSU’s Jerome Library, and Kathy Yoder, Bowling Green State University, agreed to be Acting Head of BGSU’s Curriculum Resource Center for another year. Kathy is also the CMCIG co-chair for 2009-2010. Kathy plans to explore options for an online Ohio Curriculum Materials Centers’ Directory during her term in office. Photos from the May 15, 2009 workshop at Ashland University have been posted on the CMCIG blog.

The CMCIG will sponsor a session during the annual conference on October 30, 2009. The two preferred proposals are “Reinvigorating the Curriculum Center Collection: A Case Study” and “Redefining the Resource Page: Replacing Static Subject Guides with Dynamic Blogs”.

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