President's Report

Karen Wilhoit, Wright State University

Looking Ahead to 2009:

It’s hard to believe that we are already three months into the new year.  ALAO is moving forward on many fronts.  Our annual elections will be underway soon.  Doug Morrison has worked hard to put together a slate of candidates for 2009/2010, and I hope that all ALAO members to participate in the election.  I would also encourage you to consider becoming involved in ALAO by running for office in the future.  ALAO is strengthened when new people become involved in the organization, and service to ALAO is one way to start becoming involved in the profession.

There is a lot going on in ALAO this spring.  The Diversity Committee and the Interest Groups are offering (or have already held) their spring workshops.  These are always well-planned, interesting, and timely continuing education opportunities.  The board continues to work on plans for a membership database so that we can better serve member needs.  In addition, we are talking about opportunities and services for retired and student members, updating the website, and making the ALAO archives more accessible.

Finally, I want to thank Kathy Wright, who is retiring as Executive Director of the Ohio College Association, for her many years of service to ALAO.   OCA serves as the fiscal agent for ALAO, but Kathy’s service to our association has gone far beyond managing our funds.  She attends our board meetings and conferences, offering advice and guidance as well as perspective on how the association has developed over the years.  Those of us who have served with her on the board think of her as the memory of ALAO.  I hope all of you will join me in wishing Kathy a long, fulfilling, and happy retirement.  Kathy, ALAO will miss you.



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