Past President's Report

Douglas Morrison

ALAO seeks candidates for its Executive Board elections that are coming up for the 2009-2010 term of office. Please consider putting yourself in the running to become one of the newest members of the ALAO board! The nomination period is open now and will close mid-January, after we have received a sufficient number of candidates to hold the election.

ALAO is seeking:

Three (3) Board Members at Large (2 year term)

One (1) ALAO Treasurer (2 year term)

One (1) ALAO Vice President/President-Elect (3 year total term, 1 year as Vice President, 1 year as President, 1 year as Past President)

The ALAO election period will take place electronically in mid-February 2009 and be open to ALAO members only. You may nominate yourself or someone else ONLY after obtaining their agreement to participate in the election.

Follow this link for the nomination form on the ALAO website:

If you are thinking about running for an ALAO position but would like more information on a specific position, duties, time in office, or other details. Please feel free to contact Doug Morrison, Past President via email at or by phone at (330) 234-1009.

You may also find more information about these positions in the ALAO procedures manual.

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