Curriculum Materials Center Interest Group

Ann Raney, University of Dayton and A. Carolyn Sanders, Central State University

During ALAO’s annual conference, the CMCIG sponsored the Peace Resource Center presentation prepared Dr. James Boland, the Center’s Director and given by Lee Bowman and Patti Kinsinger, Wilmington College’s Watson Library. They also shared the 10-minute DVD, Hiroshima Maidens Project: A Triumph for Humanity in the Tragic Aftermath of War, produced by Lauren White, 2007. Lauren used primary source documents from the Peace Resource Center for some of her research. Dr. James Boland was unavailable due to a schedule conflict. Sixteen people attended.

Mary Cummings, Shawnee State University and CMCIG Coordinating Committee member, co-presented with Gayle Geitgey, Urbana City Schools, during the OhioLINK 2010: An Odyssey session. They highlighted the goals and action plan contained in the INFOhio-OhioLINK Task Force’s research and paper, Preparing 21st Century Ohio Learners for Success: The Role of Information Literacy and Libraries.

The IG table display, designed by Ann Raney, included a poster with a CMCIG projects, a timeline and charts summarizing twenty years of CMCIG spring workshops, themes, topics, speakers and locations. Copies of past CMCIG projects — CMC guidelines (1989-1992) and the CMC directory (1993 edition) and a binder of past workshop flyers and agendas were available for browsing.

Diane Schrecker will host the spring CMCIG workshop at Ashland University on Friday, May 15, 2009.

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