Past President's Report

Douglas Morrison


Jay Ladd Distinguished Service Award: 2008 Call for Nominations

The time to nominate someone is now!  The nominating period draws to an end on October 3rd.  If there is someone you know deserving of recognition and working in an academic library.  There is no better way to  honor them then through the Jay Ladd Distinguished Service Award.
The ALAO Awards Committee seeks nominations for the Jay Ladd Distinguished Service Award.  
This award recognizes an individual who (1) has been an ALAO member for at least 5 years, and (2) who has promoted academic libraries and librarianship not only on his or her own campus, but also within the state.  

The award also recognizes someone who has provided leadership in the promotion of ALAO through service such as committee membership, executive board office, or acting as an officer on behalf of an interest group.  

The Jay Ladd Distinguished  Service Award honors the memory of Jay Ladd, a founding member of ALAO in the early 1970’s.
This opportunity is a wonderful way to recognize a colleague who has provided leadership in ALAO and contributed to the profession.  
The recipient of this year’s award will receive an honorary 5-year membership in ALAO and will be recognized at the 34th ALAO Annual Conference at the Roberts Conference Centre on October 24th, 2008.
Click here to nominate someone now!

The following information is needed about your nominee:

  • Name of nominee  
  • Nominee’s position  title  
  • Nominee’s college or  university  
  • Nominee’s ALAO  activities  
  • Your reasons for nominating this  person  
  • Your name and contact information,  including phone and email

You may nominate more than one person.  Your reasons for nominating your candidate(s) for the Jay Ladd Distinguished Service Award will be especially valuable to the awards committee.
Please send your nominations via US mail or as an email attachment by October 3rd, 2008 to:

Douglas P. Morrison
P.O. Box #
Apple Creek, OH. 44606 

Recent Past Recipients of the Distinguished Service Award

  • 2007   Betsy Blankenship  
  • 2006   Lois Szudy  
  • 2005   Ella Copeland  
  • 2004   Ximena Chrisagis  
  • 2003   Rob Withers  
  • 2002   Douglas Morrison  
  • 2001   Alison Ricker  
  • 2000   Pat Walker   

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