Support Staff Interest Group

Sheryl Gannon (Heidelberg College) SSIG Chair

SSIG held their 2008 Spring Workshop on May 16, 2008 at Heidelberg College in Tiffin, OH. Polishing Your Library Gems: Support Staff had a total of 50 attendees. Attendees were greeted by a continental breakfast of fresh fruit and pastries. The keynote speaker, Kristen Lindsay from Heidelberg College started the workshop off with a wonderful presentation, “How to Make Yourself Sparkle: Having a Positive Attitude at Work”. She shared many strategies that will help participants stay positive in their places of work.

SSIG’s incoming Chair, Judy Verdi from Washington State Community College, gave us a whirlwind tour of how to create a quick flyer using Microsoft Word. Two other SSIG program committee members, Mary Ayres from Southern State Community College and Judy Orahood from Ohio Wesleyan University, presented a session on Getting Published. Lindsay Kagy, from Heidelberg College, relaxed the group with a very popular session on Chair Yoga. Many participants responded that we should repeat this type of session at EVERY ALAO event.

Dr. Daryl Close, from Heidelberg College, presented two sessions on Excel, one Introductory and one Intermediate that were very well received. Dr. Dave Bush, also from Heidelberg College, presented a Historical Snapshot on the Johnson’s Island Prison Camp. Of the 50 attendees, 21 were not ALAO members and became members with their paid registrations.

I want to take this opportunity to personally thank all the people who helped plan this workshop. The SSIG Program Planning Committee consists of: Sheryl Gannon, Heidelberg College; Bobbi Bishop, Heidelberg College; Bill Stoddard, Otterbein College; Judy Orahood, Ohio Wesleyan University; Mary Ayres, Southern State Community College; Judy Verdi, Washington State Community College; Kathy Burns, Southern State Community College; ReBecca Griffith, Southern State Community College; Brian Hickam, the University of Toledo; and Gaynelle Predmore, Bowling Green State University. I would also like to thank Deberah England for making sure the table cover arrived at Heidelberg’s Library in time for our workshop and Peggy Rector for providing the promotional items.

It was announced that next year’s SSIG Spring Workshop will be held at the campus of our incoming Chair, Judy Thompson-Verdi, which is Washington State Community College in Marietta, OH.

If you would like to be a part of the Program Planning Committee for the 2009 Workshop, please contact either the outgoing chair, Sheryl Gannon at or the incoming chair, Judy Thompson-Verdi at .

The Ohio Library Support Staff Institute (OLSSI) is almost here!

The 2008 Ohio Library Support Staff Institute will be July 27 – 29, 2008 at the University of Toledo. OLSSI has planned outstanding programs, interesting lectures, and fun activities for participants. The conference is titled The Hidden Treasures of Libraries: Support Staff.

Grab the opportunity to network with peers, be exposed to new job-related skills and knowledge, and gain a sense of community and support from other library assistants throughout the state and region!

Classes include:

  • Audiobooks, eBooks, Music, & Video: Digital Downloads Without Pirating!
  • No Need to Draw Yer Cutlass! How Facebook Can Work for Libraries
  • Putting the Rrrrrr in PublisheR: Making a Brochure from a Template
  • Sail Ho! WorldCat Local and Resource Discovery
  • Charting the Frontier of the Internet: Web 2.0

To register & find out more, visit us online at:

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